The Peterson-Kruse Division of Custom Metal Products has four (4) CNC Vertical Machining Centers, two (2) CNC Turning Centers, two (2) CNC Wire EDM Machines.

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Custom Metal Products can provide automatic and manual assembly work on a contract basis.

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Metal Stamping

Custom Metal has approximately twenty (20) mechanical power presses available for contract blanking and secondary press operations.

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Since 1993

Custom Metal Products

Custom Metal Products can provide automatic and manual assembly work with both consumer and industrial product applications.

Custom Metal Products has CNC  Machining and Turning Centers, along with Wire EDM Machines .  Also provided is specialty engraving for customer part numbers.

Custom Metal Products  is a second tier supplier providing secondary operations.  Knuckle Joint Presses at 600 and 800 ton capacities are used for work requiring extreme pressure high in the press stroke, for applications such as embossing, extruding and flattening large diameter parts with  close-tolerance machining.

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