Custom Metal Products can provide automatic and manual assembly work on a contract basis. 

Press and CNC machining

Heavy Duty Cold Forming and CNC machining available for all size jobs to provide solutions for any need. 


Custom Powder Coating

Custom Metal Products offers custom powder coating options in a variety of colors.  All powder coating is done 100% in-house.  

We work with our customers to meet delivery dates. 

We work with the top powder suppliers to offer specific color needs. 

With our batch system we can do small lots or pieces up to 11 feet long, 8 feet wide and 8 feet tall at a competitive price.





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Knuckle Joint Press

Heavy Duty Cold Forming

Knuckle Joint Presses are used for work requiring high pressure near the bottom of the stroke such as Coining, Embossing, Extruding, Re-heading, and Flattening.  Sizing in a knuckle joint press can often replace expensive, close-tolerance machining.  This type of press can be equipped with automatic feeding devices to facilitate material handling and speed production

Metal Stamping

Custom Metal Products is a full service contract metal stamper with a complete in-house Tool Room for production and die maintenance.

Custom Metal has approximately twenty (20) mechanical power presses available for contract blanking and secondary press operations. Blanking presses range in size up to 200 ton with bed sizes up to 84" LR by 36" FB. Most have state-of-the-art die monitoring equipment, automatic straightening/feeding equipment, up to 24' stock width and stock decoiler, reel or cradfle with capacities up to 6600#.


Secondary Operations

Custom Metal is a second tier supplier providing secondary operations like trimming, coining, piecing, reheading, riveting, spin riveting, tapping and spot welding (up to 200 KVA).

Custom Metal also has Knuckle Joint Presses at 600 and 800 ton capacities. Knuckle Joint Presses are used for work requiring extreme pressure high in the press stroke for applications such as embossing extruding and flattening large diameter parts. Sizing in a Knuckle Joint Press can often replace expensive, close-tolerance machining.


Custom Metal Products has four (4) CNC Vertical Machining Centers, two (2) CNC Turning Centers, two (2) CNC Wire EDM Machines. 

Our CNC Turning Department typically employees automatic loading for high volume jobs.  We also provide short run specialty CNC Machining for orders from 2 to 50 pieces that can involve customer part number and/or serial number engraving.



For consumer or industrial needs,  send us an email and we will develop the solution that is right for you.